Certificate of compliance for TRIGLASS® GRP cable trays

In March 2019 the Dekra Rail bv issued an important Certificate of Compliance for our GRP cable trays.

The certificate has been issued in order to demonstrate that our product and the management systems are suitable for use in the railway industries.  This European rail division provides testing, inspection and certification for products focused on railway issues.

This important result comes from the cooperation between TOP GLASS IndustriesCastioni Kabelfuhrungssysteme GmbHPION Kunststoffen and Dekra Rail bv.

Since many years we produce GRP cable ducts for the railway industries. These products are designed and manufactured to meet stringent technical requirements with regard to mechanical properties and fire resistance. Moreover, they are used in different context and are increasingly used in cable rout construction by railways, both in external and internal environments. For this reason they must guarantee protection against external environments like temperature variation, salt or chemical contact  and they must have high fire resistance properties and low smoke emission.

The results obtained

In order to obtain the certification a series of technical parameter and experimental test results were analyzed, the main items are:

  • Action of mold fungi to the product. According to EN ISO 846, the samples were placed in contact with a composite spore suspension and incubate at 28 °C for 28 days. After that a visual evaluation of microbial development on the specimens was done, and a series of Charpy impact test was performed to compare the mechanical properties of these samples with the control ones.
  • Effects of immersion in chemical liquids. According to EN ISO 175-1 the samples were immersed in chemical oil for 168 hours. After that the Charpy strength was evaluated and compared with the control specimens.
  • Influence of the exposure to UV. The samples were subjected to ageing cycles with different temperature and UV exposure according to ASTM G154 for 500 and 1000 hours. After that the mechanical properties were investigated with compression, bending and Charpy tests.
  • Fire resistance. The material was subjected to different tests to evaluate the smoke density, with a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the gases emitted, and the fire resistance properties.

Thanks to obtaining this important certificate of compliance, the cable ducts produced by TOP GLASS Industries S.p.A. can be used by railway of Nederland.


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