TRIGLASS® I-beams for the construction of a wharf on Guadalupe island

In collaboration with our French agent Solutions Composites we have supplied composite I-beams for the construction of two wharf on the sea.

 This project was realized on the Guadalupe island for the important structure MEMORIAL ACTe (Caribbean Centre of Expression and Memory of Slavery & the Slave Trade) opened in 2015.

The building has an area of 7.800 m2 and is spread over an area of 1,2 hectares facing the sea.
The customer chooses to use TRIGLASS® composite I-beams in order to realize the structure that extends over the water.
They want to create an open connection space between the MEMORIAL ACTe and the opposite sea.


Due to the particular location and function of the structure, it was necessary a material that could resist to continuous exposure to the marine environment and, at the same time, with high mechanical properties and ease of installation.

The study of specific types of resins has made possible to produce profiles that have excellent resistance to external agents and durability over time.

In the case of the building realized on the island of Guadeloupe, the choice to use TRIGLASS® fiberglass materials has guaranteed to have a structure that can last in time. This means also avoid corrosion and oxidation phenomena.

Another important advantage that has led the choice of composites profiles is certainly their extremely lightweight and the possibility to create a “dry system“.
These two aspects are crucial for the characteristic of the site because they can avoid the use of massive equipment to handling the profiles.
They guarantee moreover a very rapid construction avoiding the presence of form-works and the common maturation time that characterizes traditional construction techniques.

Besides the lightness, TRIGLASS® profiles have high mechanical properties that in the longitudinal direction are comparable to those of steel.

The composite I-beams used in this project have allowed to obtain a light and resistant structure suitable for hosting a large numbers of people.


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