FIRE TRIGLASS® formulation for high fire resistance

The FIRE TRIGLASS® material was certified according to EN 45545-2/2013 and it complied with the requirements for the highest hazard level “HL3” for “R1”

One of the most important item in the study of products in this field is the fire protection on vehicles and the analysis of the fire reaction/resistance properties of the materials. For this reason TOP GLASS produces FIRE TRIGLASS® profiles with high fire resistance properties and very low smoke emission. We have developed a special formulation for the railway industry using acrylic resin halogen free, modified with a specific know-how. The FIRE TRIGLASS® profiles can be used in different applications and not only in the railway one: cable trailers in internal environments, tunnel and industrial elements.


The FIRE TRIGLASS® material was certified according to EN 45545-2/2013 and it complied with the requirements for the highest hazard level “HL3” for “R1”. In the last years an harmonized testing methods and classification criteria were developed to facilitate the European interoperability of railway rolling stock. In 2013 CEN 256 WG1 and TC9X WG3 published the standard EN 45545: “Fire Protection on Railway Vehicles”, that from 2016 substituted the national code. The hazard level required for each material is evaluated with respect to four design categories and four operation categories; the highest safety level is named “HL3”.

Design categories/Operation categories Standard vehicles Vehicles part of an automatic train Double decked vehicle Sleeping and couchette vehicles
Vehicles may be stopped with minimum delay. Safe area always present HL1 HL1 HL1 HL2
Tunnels or elevated structures. Side evacuation available and rescue stations reachable in a short running time HL2 HL2 HL2 HL2
Tunnels or elevated structures. Side evacuation available and rescue stations reachable in a long running time HL2 HL2 HL2 HL3
Tunnels or elevated structures without side evacuation available. Side evacuation available and rescue stations reachable in a short running time. HL3 HL3 HL3 HL3

  Moreover, the products are classified according to their final applications; for each group a specific performance requirement level (from R1 to R26) is defined. TOP GLASS Industries profiles are classified as “R1”, due to their application also in the internal environments. The evaluation of the Top Glass profiles fire reaction properties includes different parameters:

  • Maximum Average Rate of Heat Emission (MARHE)
  • Flame spread
  • Smoke density: qualitative and quantitative analysis of the gases emitted

The values for the highest hazard level (“HL3” - “R1”) are reported in the following table.  

Test required EN ISO 5659-2 EN ISO5658-2 EN ISO5659-2 EN ISO5660-O
Parameter Ds (4) VOF4 CFE [kW/m2] CITG Marche [kW/m2]
Acceptance limits for HL3 - R1 <150 <300 >20 <0.75 <60



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