Top Glass charity support for the Alemtena Clinic in Ethiopia

Since 25  years Top Glass supports the Clinic run by the Consolata’s Mission in Ethiopia, in Alemtena. 

Every year we make an important donation, using a budget that includes also Christmas gift we would have made for clients and  suppliers, to support the medical and prevention activities for the entire population of the villages around the Clinic.

Our contribution is helping to fight against difficulties to access Health Services giving the possibilities to the people to have a proper care.

The program includes examination and laboratory service, pharmacy, vaccination, tuberculosis prevention, therapies and prevention from HIV and treatment program and food supplementation distribution for malnourished children.

If you want to support the clinic and make a donation here you find the bank details:

Beneficiary Name: Society of Missionary Sisters, Servants of Holy Spirit
Bank: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Account:  0172425931700
Bank Address:  Addis Abeba Branch
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
International Banking Division
P.O.Box 255, Addis Abeba , Ethiopia
Swift Code:  CBETETAA
Purpose of Payment: Donation for the support of the Meky hospital in Alentema

We publish the last letter received from the Mission that describes all the activities they made during the year 2021

Dear Mr. Alfonso and Family

Another year has pasted and we are preparing for celebrating the most beautiful mystery of our faith- Christmas, ones again. With all the pandemic consequences our lives change and we try to live as much as before with our usual life and activity.. 

We are truly grateful to you for sending us the financial assistance for the use of our Medium Clinic in Alemtena in 2021. Therefore, we were able to take care of the patients who need our care and help and the running cost of the Medium Clinic. With all the challenges of Covid 19 pandemic we try to find way to care for our people instead of the difficulties and economic problems including the increments of all the prices and salaries.

This year in respond for the needs of our patients, especially the HIV patients, we were distributing more food and medical treatment for the poor.

The aim was to keep the health condition of the beneficiaries strong and to avoid getting sick with all new variant of Covid. All over the world people are still dying because of this sickness and our country is not free from this problem, only our patients do not have the access to good health care in hospitals. Very often they are sentenced to dead because of lacking respiratory machines and proper medicines and vaccines.

Very important is the awareness of the pandemic so our staff is giving necessary education.

People are still ignorant about the consequences of new form of Covid, especially the one from the nearby villages.

We continue our routine preventive and curative services daily. We also continue treatment with alternative medicines. This year we had a lot of problem with finding medicines since no medicines were coming from abroad and need for treatment was very big, especially for poor people who cannot afford payment.  I would like to write about our activities of past 11 months.

  • 14,652 patients received medical treatment, laboratory and pharmacy service
  • 4,869 children <1 year old were vaccinated in the clinic and in 6 surrounding villages.
  • 2,482 pregnant women received TT vaccine preventing Tetanus
  • 2,352 women attended ANC /Antenatal care/. All of them were included in PMTCT program/Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV virus/. All pregnant women received free anemia preventing drugs and vitamins.
  • 564 patients entered PIHCT program with 5 HIV positive patients
  • 5,163 children < 5 years old attended growth monitoring sessions with malnutrition assessment.
  • 6,142 sick children were treated for various diseases, mainly respiratory truck infections, diarrhea, skin infections and malnutrition.
  • We continue providing 24 hours delivery service and PNC.

God blessings for coming New Year 2022

Loving greetings from all of us