Infrastructure and construction

Pultruded TRIGLASS® composite profiles are suited for infrastructure and civil work projects in general.

The lightweight nature of fibreglass profiles combined with their excellent mechanical properties allows for quick installation in places where access with conventional transport is difficult. This results in large cost savings in terms of the equipment and labour needed for a project.
The intrinsic durability of TRIGLASS® products significantly reduces maintenance costs which are traditionally high for equivalent structures made in wood and metal.
The thermal insulation afforded by pultruded profiles has made them increasingly appreciated by designers and technicians who recognize the unique advantages of composite materials over traditional ones.
The particular physical and chemical properties of composite materials make them the only solution to technical problems in some specific situations and locations.

These include the need for:
– radar transparency in airport infrastructures
– self-extinguishing materials in road and rail tunnels
– resistance to chemicals in water treatment systems
– corrosion protection in structures in marine environments
– lighter materials in cultural restoration activity and
– flexibility and ease of installation in earthquake zones.

What are the possibilities?

  • Street furniture
  • Walkways
  • Elements for thermal cutting in prefabricated items
  • Windows
  • Infrastructure within tunnels
  • Poles for public lightning
  • Flagpoles
  • Bridges
  • Insulating profiles
  • Structural reinforcements
  • Upgrading
  • Renovation
  • Curtain wall systems
  • Bathing establishments
  • Earthquake-resistant structures
  • Airport facilities
  • Structures in water treatment systems