Pultruded TRIGLASS®  composite profiles are widely utilized in this sector, both for energy production and infrastructure for power transmission.

The cable trays in our catalogue, as well as customised versions, have long been valued by small scale installers and large customers involved in important infrastructure projects.
The wide range of TRIGLASS® electrical technical profiles (dog boneroundhalf round and corner section) are always in stock. They make Top Glass a constant resource for both retailers and manufacturers of electrical transformers. Top Glass is unique in making epoxy version rods for insulators, including those with high Tg (glass transition).
Top Glass manufactures profiles for mini wind power systems with a vertical axis as well as those for the reinforcement of large wind turbines.
They have excellent characteristics of resistancethermal and electrical insulation and protection from corrosion(due to weathering as well as direct and stray currents). This makes pultruded profiles a better option than traditional materials for installing and maintaining support structures for photovoltaic systems (because of their lightnessease of use and having no need for grounding).

What are the possibilities?

  • Grounding equipment (insulating sticks)
  • Insulating rods for insulators
  • Details on busbars
  • Cable trays
  • Electrical technical applications
  • Switches
  • Airlines
  • Reinforcement for wind turbines
  • Structures for solar panels
  • Transformers


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