Pultruded TRIGLASS® are an ideal option for agricultural markets, botanical gardens and livestock raising.

TRIGLASS® profiles do not rust, can be reused, are easy to install, are unaffected by plant products and have a high degree of flexibility making them resistant to strong winds and snow.
These characteristics make them an ideal option for gardening and agricultural activity in general.
The excellent mechanical properties of pultruded profiles make them widely used in the construction of agricultural machinery for processing and harvesting crops.
Fibreglass profiles, thanks to their resistance to chemicals, are apt for making livestock-raising structures and fences. They have the significant advantage of being chemically resistant to sewage and cleaning products and not requiring maintenance.

What are the possibilities?

  • Harvesting machinery elements
  • Poles for vineyards
  • Reinforcements for roofs and gree
  • Supports for plants and flowers
  • Supports for electric fences
  • Supports for nets
  • Structures and fences for livestock