TRIGLASS® High Performance profiles obtained CE marking

In December 2021 the profiles TRIGLASS® High Performance have obtained the CE marking (0970-CPR-0942/CE/1221).

TRIGLASS® High Performance are profiles specifically designed for structural applications.

In 2018 our structural profiles were analyzed with a series of experimental tests that show mechanical and physical properties higher than the requirements of the E23 class (EN 13706).

After that, we have decided to increase the knowledge of these products and to obtain a certification accredited at European level that allows to use these elements as a structural product covered by the CE marking.

The CE marking guarantee the constant and high quality of TRIGLASS® High Performance profiles, and attests that this construction product may be legally placed on the market of the Member States of the European Economic Area.

A construction product can be used on the European civil engineering market only if it is conformed to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR 305/2011) and is have obtained the CE marking.

The aim of the CPR is to ensure the quality and safety of construction products, through the compliance of construction products with the requirements set and valid for all countries of the European Economic Area.

The TRIGLASS® High Performance structural profiles present different cross sections shapes: “H” section, Angles, “C” section, square and circular hollow section, handrail section.

The dimensions of these profiles, which are produced to specific order, vary from a minimum of 30x30x5 mm to a maximum of 300x100x15 mm.

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