From small to large (up to 1500 mm wide), from thin to thick, from simple to complex in shape:
Top Glass has been producing countless pultruded profiles since 1963, which have met with the approval of engineers and designers who have tested and adopted our solutions.


SPECIAL TRIGLASS® composite profiles (GRP – CFRP) customised to a customer’s design, constitute an important part of Top Glass production.
This group of pultruded profiles are designed to meet specific requirements in terms of shape and chemical or physical properties.
Thanks to its production capacity Top Glass can supply a wide range of composite profiles with simple to complex (customized) design, with constant cross-section and unlimited length. Dimensions range goes from 0.9 mm up to 1500 mm.


All the moulds and equipment needed for this specialized production are designed and manufactured within Top Glass.
Our technicians work as a team with materials experts to find just the right combination of raw materials.
Finally each profile is laboratory tested to verify compliance with the technical specifications of the customer.



Accessory services that make our products more competitive

Our Technical Office is staffed with a qualified team skilled in the use of specialist machine tools. They are dedicated to studying required profilesoptimising forms and performing important operations such as cuttingdrilling and CNC machining. Top Glass can also provide customers with pre-assembly of the profiles as well as a coating service to satisfy particular aesthetic requirements.
Profile design

The Top Glass Technical Office works in close synergy with other departments to offer customers a timely and professional design service. We are offering optimal support on every decisions related to the profile design. Dimensionsthicknessform complexity, appropriate raw materials and mechanical specifications are the key aspects.

Internal laboratory

The Top Glass internal laboratory is equipped to perform mechanicalfire-resistance and dielectric tests on finish profiles in addition to the acceptance testing of incoming raw materials. We thus ensure compliance to the highest standards in product quality and traceability.
These tests are important because they ensure compliance with product technical requirements and international standards.

Post processing
Thanks to the versatility of its equipment, Top Glass offers a full customization service thanks to various post processing operations that provide added value and facilitate the use of TRIGLASS® fibreglass profiles when delivered to their destination. Every day, a highly trained technical team executes the daily operations phases consisting of cutting to sizedrillingmilling, bonding and pre-assembly, employing dedicated machinery which includes computer numerical control drills (CNC), shearers of various sizes, drilling stations and specially designed custom tools.
Warehouse services
Top Glass holds a warehouse with TRIGLASS® fiberglass profiles for prompt delivery. 
We store standard section products in various lengthsdimensions and colours.
Preparation times are typically 2/3 working days depending on material availability.
The warehouse service is suitable for those who need limited quantities of fiberglass products. Besides that it gives also customers the possibility to test the product before requesting high-volume production runs.
Surface coating

Given the market’s demand for increasingly high aesthetic performance, Top Glass can provide customers with a coating service for TRIGLASS® fibreglass profiles, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The surface finish is obtained thanks to the use of fully automated machinery or, alternatively, inside cabins specially equipped to perform manual spray painting. Top Glass collaborates with qualified suppliers of coating materials. With their support, we optimise the selection of the appropriate type of coating to be used ensuring the required levels of adhesion together with excellent duration of aesthetic appearance over time.

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